Obituary: John M. Hamilton Jr., Army Officer And Dentist, Dies At 82

‘No film or book will be allowed on Aarushi case,’ says lawyer of jailed dentist couple

The 24-hour news media has been used by friends and family of Rajesh and Nupur Talwar to rubbish the judgment of the CBI court in the Aarushi-Hemraj twin murder case

Department of Corrections from 1992 to 1998. He was simultaneously the chief medical officer at the Lorton Correctional Complex from 1992 to 2001. From 2001 to 2011, he was a houston dentist at Springfield Hospital Center in Sykesville, Md. John Mark Hamilton Jr. was born in Washington and was a 1949 graduate of Dunbar High School. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., in 1955. After his military service, he graduated from the Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine in New Jersey in 1982. He did postgraduate dental study at Georgetown University. His wife of 34 years, Dorothy Wilson Hamilton, died in 1994.
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Dallas houston dentist David Alameel brings big fortune to U.S. Senate race

Two other Democrats who are seeking to unseat Cornyn have never run for office before: El Paso lawyer Maxey Scherr and HyeTae Harry Kim, an Odessa physician. A fourth has run for Congress three times as a Republican. Michael Fjetland, president of a company that installs window coatings, lost primaries in 2000, 2002 and 2006 to former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Sugar Land. The last try, he ran a distant third with just 1,550 votes. He now laments extremism in that party. The GOP has kind of closed in on itself, he said. Theyre grumpy old people. And thats not what the world looks like anymore. Alameel, 61, criticizes both parties Republicans for lack of compassion, Democrats for being overly fond of big government and deficit spending but financially, hes backed both sides. Hes given $700,000 in the last six years to Democrats at the federal level. In Texas, hes spread the love. He gave Attorney General Greg Abbott, the GOP front-runner for governor, $165,000 from 2002 to 2008 though he also gave $30,000 last year to Abbotts Democratic rival, state Sen.
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Inmate Escapes From Swedish Prison, Goes To Dentist, Turns Self Back In: Report

Photo: Dean Sewell The former deputy mayor who escaped jail for unnecessarily filing down the teeth of elderly nursing home patients has resigned from a Sydney council. Andrew Istephan, who will served a two-year sentence by way of a correction order, stood down from Hurstville Council on Monday. The dentist was accused of performing unnecessary major dental surgery on 12 nursing home residents, some of whom had dementia. A jury found him guilty in October of five counts of assault, but failed to agree on the other seven counts. Istephan was required to stand down under the Local Government Act following his sentencing on Friday, she said. Sydney District Court Judge David Frearson had said the 34-year-old had engaged in the “deliberate, callous and systematic exploitation of the residents with the view of financial reward”. Motivated by greed, Istephan had been “arrogantly dismissive” of the fundamental human right for bodily integrity, the judge said. Judge Frearson found Istephan had filed down the teeth of elderly patients in order to fit them for crowns they did not need. He didn’t use anaesthetic.
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“We have got to know through media reports that some international and national film directors and writers are interested in making film and writing book on the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case. “Rajesh and Nupur are very upset that people want to make money by producing film and writing book on the murder of their daughter whom they loved so much,” said Manoj Sisodia, counsel for Talwars. Sisodia added if any such film is made on the Aarushi case without the Talwars’ consent, they would take legal action against the directors and writers involved. Sisodia said the couple are still in a shock and inconsolable after the Ghaziabad special CBI court held them guilty of murdering their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj, and sentenced them to life imprisonment for the double murder. Since the Talwars’ conviction, several media reports claimed that some film-makers and writers are interested in making movies on the case. On Friday, Hollywood film director Clip F. Runyard reached Dasna Jail to meet the Talwars to seek their consent to make a film and write a book on Aarushi.
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Swedish Inmate Escapes To Go To The Dentist

Prof Lamey faces 46 charges of misconduct at the General Dental Council (GDC) disciplinary hearing. One hundred and thirty five of his patients at the School of Dentistry at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast had to be recalled after 35 of his patients developed cancer – four of whom eventually died. In another case outlined on Tuesday afternoon, the hearing heard that a woman’s mouth cancer was missed when Prof Lamey failed to earmark her case as a priority. Prof Lamey is alleged to have not read the warning signs that the woman had a tumour growing in her mouth when he was given a referral letter by her GDP – general dental practitioner. It is also alleged by the General Dental Council that he kept on giving her blood tests that were “unnecessary” almost a year after her houston dentist raised their concerns. Biopsy The panel heard how one patient, a non-smoker who had suffered from a complaint from the mid-1990s, was eventually diagnosed with cancer. Prof Lamey missed its transformation into a tumour and failed to carry out a biopsy on the lesion, the panel was told. According to the GDC, he also incorrectly recorded that the patient’s iron levels were low and prescribed an iron supplement. Expert witness Prof Stephen Challacombe said that over a ten-year period, there is a 5% risk that oral lichen planus, a common condition, can turn into cancer.
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Dentist Prof Philip Lamey ‘failed to diagnose cancer’

Also on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow Joshua K. Pinney This gentleman allegedly tried to commit identify theft while sporting what may be the worst disguise ever. Cops say he was trying to impersonate the man whose picture appeared on a driver’s license he had stolen. Read the whole story here. Domonique Pinkard This alleged robber was found snoozing on the couch of a home that police say he and a friend had just robbed. When questioned by cops, they say Pinkard told them he needed a nap because he had been “working hard all day.” Read the whole story here. Kenneth Webster Enlow This Oklahoma man got into deep doo-doo — LITERALLY — when police say he hid inside a feces-filled septic tank so he could spy on women in a ladies’ bathroom. Read the whole story here. Christopher Sharp This Floridian allegedly faked being a Sheriff’s deputy for 6 months in an effort to impress his girlfriend. He really worked at Pizza Hut, but police say he would leave home every morning in a stolen deputy’s uniform, then don the uniform again before coming back. Acquaintances say he would tell stories that occurred “on the job” and even give legal advice.
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Dentist Andrew Istephan quits Hurstville Council after assault conviction

We’re not sure what a Swedish man did to get into prison, but he displayed a kind of honor once locked up. The prisoner complained of a toothache. He says he couldn’t get anyone to help him treat it. So according to Swedish media, the 51-year-old man escaped and went to a houston dentist, had his tooth pulled, and then turned himself in. Police gave him a ride back to prison, and added one day onto his sentence. Honor among teeth – it’s MORNING EDITION. Copyright 2013 NPR. All rights reserved. No quotes from the materials contained herein may be used in any media without attribution to NPR.
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Underground houston dentist gets home detention

A man who ran an underground dental practice from his South Auckland home has been sentenced to four months home detention. Sione Heinave Vailea appeared in the Manukau District Court this afternoon facing charges of criminal nuisance, performing a restricted activity, forgery and possession of prescription medicines. The court heard how Vailea had carried out dental work including root canals, extractions and gold inlays from his Mangere home, despite not being a registered dentist. A summary of facts showed pictures of where Vailea carried out his work; showing unhygenic conditions and old equipment. The majority of patients were from the Tongan and wider Pacific community. Vailea worked as a dental therapist in Tonga for many years, but was not qualified in that same area in New Zealand. It is understood the offending carried on for about nine years. Judge Fraser initially sentenced Vailea to 12 months imprisonment, but was later reduced to four months home detention. The judge said he acknowledged Vailea’s lack of previous convictions and a petition with more than 500 signatures from his community, showing their support.
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Holiday edition: Foods your houston dentist won’t eat

Those with added sugars, a.k.a. most holiday favorites. This season, say no to the below items, which have landed on your houston dentists naughty list, and replace them with some, well, nicer alternatives. Candy canes These sweet treats dissolve slowly , exposing your teeth to sugar for a longer period of time. For the same long-lasting, minty flavor, try chewing gum with the natural sweetener, Xylitol, which doesnt harm enamel. Chewy candies Taffy and caramels can get stuck in braces and between teeth, letting plaque build up and causing serious damage. Great tart alternative? Sliced Granny Smith Apples with a sprinkle of lemon juice. PopcornIts fun to receive a festive assortment of popcorn flavors, but the tasty snack is one of the most common causes of cracked teeth.
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